Competition Scoring System

Features of the Service

This service is a scoring system for competitions, contests and contests.

The scoring system has the following features.

  • Scoring is done on a computer and tablet with an internet connection. The computer will tally the scores and the scoring is done on the tablet.
  • An internet connection is required.
  • It’s unnecessary to choose a software platform as the scoring and tallying all takes place within a browser like Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Opera.
  • All the servers are fast with 99% uptime.
  • The system was created as a WordPress plugin. WordPress is an open-source software that is used in about 30% of the world’s websites.
  • The plugin was created by Katsushi Kawamori. The many plugins he has created are all publicly available in the WordPress community and have received consistent good reviews.
  • CSV data can be imported. CSV format files can be created using Microsoft Excel. Exporting to PDF is also supported.
  • Scoring is done by multiple judges. Scoring method is average, total, maximum value, minimum value, maximum / minimum score removed.
  • Languages supported English & Japanese.

How to Use the Service

An explanation of how to use the service, along with corresponding videos, can be found in the list below.


  • The trial version can be used free of charge on the examination terminal 1 terminal configuration / time table reading restriction (6 lines). The regular version is provided as a pay option for paying $500 for 22 terminal configuration and no restriction.
    • Please purchase a license key at the shop. Enter the license key to use all features.
    • PayPal requires a PayPal account.
    • Available credit cards at Stripe are AmericanExpress, JCB,Mastercard, Visa.
  • A user account is created for one email address. This account will be used for tallying and can be used for 6 days.
  • We also have plans for a regular version with 2-year contract · $ 5000 or expiration date of indefinite · $ 300 per month. Please apply from contact. It will be a direct contract with the author. Initial fee will be separately $ 3000.
  • Summary account and one judge account will be created. With the paid option, 21 additional accounts are granted for a total of 22 judge accounts.
  • The judge accounts are automatically emailed to the registered address of the tally account.
  • Once the 6 days passes, the accounts are automatically deleted.
  • Syncing the browser settings on the computer and tablets will make operation smoother. While registering accounts and passwords on the computer, it’s recommended to save the login information in the browser to make logging in on the tablet easier.

Difference between trial version and regular version

Trial version (Free)Regular version (Pay)
Judge accounts122
Time tablereading restriction (6 lines)no restriction

Regular version

Period6 days2-year contractIndefinite period
Initial fee$ 0.00$ 3000.00$ 3000.00
System usage fee$ 500.00$ 5000.00$ 300.00 / month
Type of contractRegister
Purchase and enter a license key at a shop.
A direct contract with Katsushi Kawamori is required.
A direct contract with Katsushi Kawamori is required.
PayPal(ペイパル)|Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Discover, UnionPay, JCB

Creating Data

  • Competition data can be created in Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet program if the program is able to export in CSV format. The exported file should be encoded in UTF-8.
  • A sample spreadsheet can be downloaded from the link below. The names in the sample file are all fake.

Summary account

  • After manually entering the name of the Competition, import the data of Judge, Items & Award, Timetable and Judge Paper.
  • The operator on the aggregation side normally places a progress screen. It is automatically counted at 5 second intervals. Each time the summation is completed, press the result button to move to the individual result.
  • In the Individual Result, generate a score table for each contestant.
  • For All Result, determine the overall ranking based on Individual Result. Create a CSV file for the organizer

Judge account

  • Enter the score in the range bar.
  • Can also enter comments.


Please download the detailed manual from the following.