Various functions added

The following functions have been added.

  • Summary account
    • Send a message to all terminals : Messages are sent to all terminals. The sent message is retrieved by each terminal at 5 second intervals and a modal window is displayed on each terminal.
    • Add the “Name” of the specified rank to the bottom line of the “Timetable” : When a section is selected, this item appears at the bottom of the PDF view. You can add a “Name” of the specified rank to the “Timetable”.
  • Judge account
    • Click the “Reload” button to reload.
    • There is an “End of input” button for each major item, which, when turned ON, inhibits entry of that major item. This ON/OFF setting is recorded and can be reproduced when reloading.
  • Monitoring account
    • Select “Judge” to narrow your search.
    • Displays previous scores. Can sort by “Type” or “Order”.
    • When “End of Input” is turned on at the terminal side, the major item will be displayed.