iPad Settings

1. Confirm that the check box for “logout impossible” is unchecked in the PC operator account

2. Launch Safari on iPad

3. Enter the login address sent by e-mail to the URL of Safari and display the login screen

4. Enter the user name sent by e-mail as the user name and enter the reseted password

5. Save password

6. Tap the share button and tap “Add to Home Screen”

7. Edit the name in “Add to Home Screen” and tap “Add”

8. Log out of Safari

9. Confirm logout

10. Confirm that the competition scoring system has been added to the home screen as an app

11. Double-click the home button and swipe up on Safari to release it from memory

12. Confirm that the check box for “logout impossible” is checked in the PC operator account

13. Tap Accessibility on iPad Settings, General

14. Tap the Guided Access on the Accessibility screen

15. On the Guided Access screen, turn on “Guided Access” and “Mirror Display Auto-Lock” and tap Passcode Settings

16. On the Passcode Settings screen, tap “Set Guided Access Passcode” to set the guided access passcode

17. Tap the competition scoring system that has been turned into an app on the home screen

18. When you tap “Username or Email Address”, “Touch ID to Use Password” appears, Use Touch ID

19. Confirm that “User name or Email Address” and “Password” are automatically entered with Touch ID, and tap the “Log In” button ( If you check “Remember Me”, it will start in the login status when the power is turned off and restarted. )

20. Login to the judge screen

21. Triple click on the home button will start the Guided Access

22. When you press the power button, volume button, home button, etc., the message “Guided Access is enabled. Triple-click the home button to exit.”

23. When you want to end the guided access, enter the “Guided Access Passcode” set in step 16.

24. After entering “Guided Access Passcode”, tap “End” to exit Guided Access