Make various settings for the judge’s terminal and the summary account.

1.Manage the logout of the judges’ terminal and summary account : If check the box, logout will be impossible. It is to prevent misoperation.

2.Judges’ terminal

  • Scoring step : Enter the scoring interval.
  • Input initial value : The initial display value of the score.
  • Comment
    • Keyboard input : Check to enable comment input with the keyboard.
    • Number of comment characters : The number of characters that can be entered for comments.
    • Handwriting input : Check to enable handwritten comment input.
  • Previous scores : It will display the previous score of the section when checked.

3.Summary account

Method of calculation

  • Remove the highest / lowest score : Check the box when removing the maximum score and the minimum score from the judging.
  • Decimal point rounding : Rounding method for calculation.
  • Average, Total, Highest, Lowest : Choose how to score each judge’s score.
  • Ranking : Choose the value to be the top from either the maximum value or the minimum value.
  • Additional notification email address : Add an email address to notify the result.
  • Individual Result
    • Show description : An explanation column will be displayed on the judge terminals, judge papers and individual results.
    • Display of 5 star rating : Displays a 5 star rating on an Individual Result.
    • Image size of handwritten comment : Can specify the image size of handwritten comments.
  • All Result
    • Display of scores : Check the box if you want to display scores on all results.
    • Display of each judge scores : The score for each judge is also displayed.
    • Display of decrease scores : Display of decrease scores.
    • Limit of displayed rank : Check the box if you want to limit of display rank on all results.
    • Limited number
      • Major item : Set the limit value.
      • Section2 : Set the limit value.
      • Section1 : Set the limit value of each item.
    • Grade View : Check the box if you want to display grade on all results. Decide the percentage (%) for each Section1 . Evaluation of Major item and Section2 is based on the percentage ratio of Section1 (%) .

4.Competition : Enter the competition name etc.